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The Standard Report on Methods and Quality provides information to users on the methodology in place in the particular survey area together with an assessment of the quality of the resulting survey output. The reports contain sections on general information on the survey, information on statistical concepts and the production of statistics and also information on quality. The quality section details the following for each of the six European Statistical System dimensions of quality:

  • Relevance
  • Accuracy
  • Timeliness & Punctuality
  • Accessibility & Clarity
  • Comparability
  • Coherence

Standard Reports on Methods and Quality are in the process of being completed for all CSO releases and publications and will be made available on the website as they are finalised.

Standard Reports on Methods and Quality have been completed and made available on the CSO website for the following surveys:

ReportSizeReporting PeriodLast Edited
Census of Population PDF322KB 2006 19/03/2009
Appeneices 1-6 Census of Population 2006 (PDF 882KB)                          PDF882KB 2006 26/04/2012
Quality Accounts Inquiry to Industry (PDF 113KB) PDF113KB 2015 Feb 2016
Census of Industrial Production (PDF 301KB) PDF306KB 2012 02/07/2014
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Meat Supply Balance (PDF 158KB)   PDF55KB  2014 30/10/2015
Passenger Card Inquiry (PDF 534KB) PDF534KB 2016 26/08/2016
Household Travel Survey (PDF 159KB) PDF87KB 2015 07/04/2016
Country of Residence Survey (PDF 150KB) PDF148KB 2015 03/03/2015
Deaths Registration (PDF 2,035KB) PDF2,767KB 2007 Onwards 30/01/2015
Births Registration (PDF 418KB) PDF 592KB 2007 Onwards 30/01/2015
Irish Life Tables PDF 94KB 2007 Onwards 05/10/2009
Marriages and Civil Partnership Registration (PDF 153KB) PDF241KB 2007 Onwards 30/01/2015
Area, yield and production of crops (PDF 344KB) PDF344KB June 2014 Onwards 30/01/2015
Output, Input & Income in Agriculture and Regional Accounts for Agriculture (PDF 158KB) PDF158KB 2014 Onwards 05/12/2016
Agricultural Price Indices (PDF 215KB) PDF216KB January 2010 onwards 26/05/2016
Recorded Crime - Quarterly (PDF 501KB) PDF501KB Quarterly 17/01/2016
Recorded Crime - Annual (PDF 68KB) PDF68KB 2010 - 2014 14/02/2017
National Employment Survey PDF197KB 2006 Feb 2009
ICT Enterprises (PDF 226KB) PDF227KB 2015 15/12/2015
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for ICT Households (PDF 148KB) PDF148KB 2015 11/12/2015
Quarterly Survey of Construction (PDF 124KB) PDF197KB 2015 October 2015
Planning Permissions (PDF 99KB) PDF99KB 2016 Feb 2016
Building and Construction Inquiry (PDF 48KB) PDF48KB 2010 21/09/2012
Vehicle Licensing (PDF 531KB) PDF147KB 2016 10/02/2016
Balance of Payments (PDF 295KB) PDF295KB 2011 24/05/2013
Retail Sales Index (PDF 412KB) PDF412KB Monthly 19/05/2016
Business Expenditure on Research & Development 2013-2014 (PDF 156KB) PDF156KB 2013-2014 Inclusive 03/06/2015
Annual Services Index PDF164KB 2012 02/07/2014
Pig Survey (PDF 130KB) PDF129KB March 2009 Onwards 01/09/2015
Production of Milk and Milk Products Survey (PDF 187KB) PDF187KB November 2008 Onwards 10/01/2014
National Disability Survey PDF172KB 2008 July 2009
National Survey of Transport of Goods by Road (PDF 172KB) PDF172KB 2012 19/08/2013
National Travel Survey (PDF 141KB)  PDF131KB 2013 01/04/2015
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Livestock Slaughterings 2016 (PDF 137KB) PDF137KB 2016 04/02/2016
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for December Livestock Survey (PDF 133KB)    PDF132KB  December 2014 onwards  03/09/2015
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for External Trade (PDF 153KB) PDF153KB 2015/2016 28/06/2016
Aviation Statistics (PDF 126KB) PDF127KB 2014 Onwards 25/05/2016
Statistics of Port Traffic (PDF 59KB) PDF146KB 2014 14/08/2015
Industrial Disputes (PDF 105KB) PDF105KB 2015 09/09/2015
Wholesale Price Index (PDF 94KB) PDF 94KB 2010 onwards 03/02/2015
Consumer Price Index and Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (PDF 121KB) PDF81KB 2012 onwards 15/04/2016
Job Churn (PDF 275KB) PDF275KB 2012 13/09/2012
Outward Foreign Affiliates (PDF 216KB) PDF215KB 2013 01/09/2015
Business Demography (PDF 68KB) PDF46KB 2012 11/06/2014
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Earnings Analysis using Administrative Data Sources (PDF 122KB) PDF122KB 2017 13/02/2017
Earnings and Labour Costs (PDF 243KB) PDF240KB 2015 03/09/2015
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for QNHS (PDF 479KB) PDF395KB Q1 2017 23/05/2017
QNHS Module on Equality (PDF 632KB) PDF632KB Q3 2014 03/09/2015
Monthly Services (PDF 369KB) PDF333KB Monthly April 2015
Air Emissions Quality Report 2014 (PDF 103KB)   PDF103KB Annual 07/11/2016
Environment Taxes (PDF 184KB)  PDF184KB 2014 July 2015
Crops and Livestock (June) (PDF 152KB) PDF153KB 2014 onwards Oct 2015
Standard Reports on Methods and Quality Irish Industrial Production by Sector 2015 (PDF 272KB) PDF272KB 2015  26/07/2015
Live Register Analysis and Live Register Age by Duration (PDF 114KB) PDF114KB 2015 16/09/2015
Standard Reports on Methods and Quality for Population and Migration Estimates (PDF 613KB) PDF613KB 2016  August 2016
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Response Burden Barometer (PDF 61KB) PDF60KB 2014 17/12/2015
Standard Report on Methods and Quality For Material Flow Accounts 2013                         PDF121KB 2013 Feb 2016
Monthly Industrial Inquiry Quality Report (PDF 225KB)      PDF225KB  2016  25/02/2016
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Monthly Unemployment (PDF 132KB)  PDF132KB 2016 26/04/2016 
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Non-Domestic Building Energy Ratings (PDF 30KB)  PDF30KB Q1 2016  13/06/2016
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Domestic Building Energy Ratings (PDF 128KB)    PDF129KB Q2 2016      15/07/2016
Standard Report on Methods and Quality for Residential Property Price Index (PDF 161KB)  PDF161KB January 2010 onwards 30/11/2016