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Background Notes


The scope of this planning permission data series is governed by the application of The Local Government (Planning and Development) Acts, 1963 to 2000, which impose the requirement that the majority of construction activity obtains planning permission.
Further details of the scope and background of this series were given in the March 1973 Statistical Bulletin, which is available on request.


Only final grants of permission or approvals are covered, i.e. only works which involve construction. The following permissions are excluded since they do not entail construction per se:

Changes of a technical and business nature as distinct from a building or structural nature;
Outline permission;
Retention of an existing building;
Changes to existing plan;
Bye-law permission;
Refusals - permissions subsequently granted on appeal by An Bord Pleanála are included.


Planning permissions are classified by type of development (new construction, extension or alteration and conversion), local authority district and by regional authority. A distinction is made between residential and non-residential building and civil engineering.

Communal Dwellings

This category includes Orphanages, Convents, Abbeys, Monasteries, Dormitory Buildings and Homes for nurses and other medical staff.

Floor Area

Information on floor area is not collected for alteration and conversions.
Estimates are included where complete details of floor area size are not available.


As the figures for floor area have been rounded there may be slight discrepancies between the sum of the constituent items and the totals shown.