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Small Areas are a relatively recent geographic concept compiled by the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) on behalf of the Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) and in consultation with the CSO. They were designed as the lowest level of geography for the compilation of statistics in line with data protection guidelines and typically contain between 50 and 200 dwellings. A further constraint imposed when creating these new areas, was that they nested within Electoral Division boundaries. Finally, they are generally comprised either of complete townlands or neighbourhoods.


Small area population data

Population counts, including a breakdown of the number of males and females, for the 18,641 small areas identified from Census 2016 is available to download in CSV format below.

Download Small Area Population Data (CSV)


Small Area Interactive Map

This interactive mapping tool displays the population by small area with male/female breakdown and allows users to identify each small area code . Users can navigate to their location of interest by using the address search facility or by pinpointing a location on the map.


Small area vacancy data

Census 2016 identified 183,312 dwellings as being vacant. This dataset investigates these dwellings looking at:

  • The type of dwelling.
  • The status of these dwellings in Census 2011 (where available).
  • The reason why these dwellings were vacant (where available) in Census 2016.


82,437 of the 183,312 vacant dwellings were occupied during Census 2011. This dataset also investigates these dwellings, looking at the data recorded in that census with regards to:

  • Age of the head of the household.
  • Number of usual residents.
  • Household composition.
  • Period built.
  • Nature of occupancy.
  • Number of rooms.
  • Number of persons per room.


The data is presented for the 2017 version of the Small Areas (18,641 areas).  Statistical disclosure control has been applied to some areas, resulting in total figures being present for these areas but no further information provided in the breakdown.

Download Small Area Vacancy Data (CSV)


A glossary file is also available and provides a description of what each variable name in the dataset represents.

Download Small Area Vacancy Glossary (XLS 11KB)


Boundary files

Small area boundary data is available to download in a number of different formats. Data in the above CSV files can matched to the boundary files using the GUID.

Click here to access small areas boundaries